Software Consulting, Development and Support for Organisations working with Ruby, Android and iOS.

We work with you as your technology partner to grow, improve and optimise your business through software. We gain a deep understanding of your business so we can focus on your goals.

Find out how we can help your business by…

Building your new software products.

Our one–day Inception Workshop explores and refines your idea, and gives you a working plan to realise your product.

After the workshop, you'll receive:

  • a full report detailing a roadmap for your product.
  • a set of user stories from which your development team can work.
  • a wireframe mock-up of your product for demo and testing (optional add-on).

The Prototype service gets you from idea to real, working software in 30 days or less.

Great for early-stage testing and validating your concept, we'll focus on the core value of your product to deliver working software quickly, which you can test on your market, or use as the basis for ongoing development.

Weekly Sprints are how we provide full product development, including everything necessary deliver working, real software at the end of each sprint.

Each Sprint is its own discrete block of work, used to build your product iteratively and deliver the highest-value features as early as possible.

Sprints are purchased and scheduled in advance on an as-needed basis. A Sprint includes all the necessary planning, consulting, development, testing and set–up.

For larger projects, we offer a Bundle of 12 Weekly Sprints.

Supporting & developing your existing products.

Our Consulting service plans give you on-hand expert advice, support and maintenance bundled with an allowance of development time every month.

Consulting plans include everything you need to keep your software products and their infrastructure running smoothly.

  • A monthly allowance of custom software development to help you achieve your organisation's goals.
  • Code reviews and advice on best-practice.
  • An audit of your existing product code and infrastructure.
  • Support and coaching for your internal development team.
  • Monitoring of your products to ensure they run smoothly.
  • Upgrades of your products to keep them up-to-date with the latest platform releases.
  • Security monitoring and patching to help keep your data safe.
  • A monthly report on the health of your products; actions we've taken; and any important or relevant new information that impacts your product.
Giving your existing code-base a Health‐check.

Our Code Review is a full audit of your existing product's code–base, infrastructure and configuration.

As well as security issues and optimisations, we check for adherence to best-practice and optimum maintainability.

You can use our findings to inform your own development team, or engage us to implement our recommendations on your behalf.

You'll receive a full report with our findings and recommendations on:

  • The overall health of your product's code.
  • Security considerations and issues.
  • Outdated, deprecated, or inefficient frameworks.
  • Adherence to, and advice on, best-practice techniques.
  • Guidelines on best next-actions to improve the quality of your product's code–base and infrastructure.
  • Recommendations for improved maintainability and user experience.

Working with us

Our work focusses on achieving your business goals with software. Whether it's attracting more customers, converting more sales or improving your business operations, software is a primary tool in all parts of your organisation.

We employ agile principles in our business. This means we strive to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and deliver business-valuable, results-oriented software. We encourage a similar approach by our clients.

Some of the great people and organisations we've worked with include:

The National Trust for Scotland

“Plymouth Software delivered not only an excellent product, but really added value to our original proposal for a National Trust for Scotland mobile application.

As a large, multi-site visitor attraction/NGO, we were a complicated proposition but Chris' excellent project management ensured that the product delivered exceeded our expectations and met business needs. His creative, user-focussed approach was vital to the app's successful development.

On top of this, Chris is personable and always receptive to customer needs.”

Colan Mehaffey, The National Trust for Scotland

Read the project case study.

Plymouth University

“Plymouth Software have provided development consultancy for two high profile projects at Plymouth University.

They fundamentally understand and deliver using Agile, allowing customers to reap the benefits of fast, high-quality software delivery and rapid business benefit.

Chris is personable and highly professional, demonstrated by his ability to hit the ground running; work well as part of any team; and deliver high quality development and support.”

Joe Grant, Plymouth University

Unboxed Consulting

“Plymouth Software has been a great find for us. It is encouraging to see such fantastic talent in Ruby on Rails in the South West.”
Richard Stobart, Unboxed Consulting

Aspex Research & Technology

“In just a few hours, Plymouth Software's consultation revolutionised the way we operate our software business, saving us £000's in time and resources.”

Nick Sanham, Aspex Research & Technology Ltd.

“Plymouth Software provided us with clear and comprehensive consultation for Android development. Chris' attention to detail, expertise and knowledge are topped only by his ability to communicate complex ideas easily.

We are delighted with the results and Chris continues to be our go-to person for Android training & advice.”

Ben Reynhart, Mutant Labs Ltd.

”Fantastic ... very productive working relationship ... a great end product.“

Phil Jones, University of Birmingham

Our Approach

Our agile approach delivers rapid, value-driven results as early as possible through:

  • Early, real–world validation.
  • Building wireframe and live prototypes.
  • Open communication & transparency.
  • Regularly scheduled reviews.

See an example prototype

Get Started

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