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Adding Collaborators to your Heroku Team

Note Adding a member to your team allows that member access to all projects in your team. If you would prefer to grant access to only one application, then first click on that application, and then choose the application’s Access tab.

To add us to your team on Heroku:

  1. Open your project on
  2. Choose your team from the drop-down menu (this will usually default to Personal).
  3. Click the Access tab.
  4. Click Invite User.
  5. Enter the email of the person you would like to invite.
  6. Choose member or admin for the role (depending on the permissions you require). Note that if we are managing the project on your behalf, we recommend choosing admin here. However, you can choose to add us with member roles and then update to admin as and when required.
  7. Click Invite User.