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Consulting and Development Services

Our range of services are specifically designed to support the ongoing development, maintenance and improvement of Ruby on Rails applications and their infrastructure.

CodeShot Consultation

A consultation at our offices, or via phone/video call, to discuss your business or software project, float a new idea or answer a specific question related to the apps and services in your business.

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CodeShot: Ruby on Rails

Got a bug you can't track down? Struggling to find what's slowing your app? Need some help integrating a third-party API? Some one-on-one guidance for your app?

CodeShot is a fast, high–intensity shot of espresso for your Ruby on Rails app!

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Test Suite Coverage

A complete test suite gives you the confidence to develop, improve and upgrade your application. However, all-too-often the task of writing tests gets pushed down the priority queue in favour of new features and changes. In no time at all, your application is sitting on a mountain of technical debt.

Our Service Plan on-boarding process includes reviewing your app’s existing test suite, and writing new and updated tests to ensure a high degree of coverage and 100% pass rate.

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Code Review & Audit

An in–depth audit for your Ruby on Rails application. We'll carry out a full review of your code, security, hosting and infrastructure, and general adherence to best practice.

You'll receive a complete, jargon-free report of our findings, and our recommendations.

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Ruby on Rails Upgrade

Legacy Rails code can leave your app slow and vulnerable to security issues. Your app might also start breaking if it relies on unsupported features.

We'll do the heavy lifting, upgrading your Rails app up to the latest stable release, and working with you and your team to deploy the new code.

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Rails on Docker: Containerisation

Give your Rails app scalablity and reliability. Declare your environment and take advantage of instant fail-over, portability and environment parity by migrating your app to Docker containers.

We'll help you to configure everything to take advantage of Docker.

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Ruby on Rails Service and Maintenance

Our flagship service. Flexible, monthly service plans to keep your Rails running in peak condition.

All plans include continuous monitoring, bug-fixes, framework upgrades, on-hand technical consultation and support, and a monthly development allowance for minor enhancements to your app.

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Not sure which service is right for you?

Schedule a free phone consultation now and we'll help figure out the best next steps for you and your project.

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