Rails on Docker

Learn how to Develop, Deploy and Maintain your Rails Apps with Docker. Rails on Docker is a full, step-by-step course on how to use Docker to improve the development, testing, deployment and maintenance of your Rails apps.

After completing this in-depth course, you’ll know how to…

  • Build a complete Rails application using Docker to simplify your development workflow (and make development across teams easy).
  • Split your app’s various services into multiple Docker containers,
  • Set up and configure your own Docker servers on which to host your app.
  • Get your app running in production, with scheduled (cron) jobs, backup services, asset hosting, and more.
  • Make your apps instantly scalable to cope with demand.
  • Design your apps around “disposable infrastructure” to let you quickly run and scale anywhere.

After working through this course, you’ll be ready to migrate your own Rails apps to Docker, consolidate your development environment and workflows, and make deployment easy and predictable.

Rails on Docker will be released in beta soon. In return for purchasing the course, you’ll receive 30% discount on the full price. Of course, you’ll get a free upgrade to the final 1.0 version when it’s released.

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