Keep Your Ruby on Rails App Healthy

Your new web app was fine on launch day. Built with Ruby on Rails, it used cutting-edge technology, worked beautifully with all your social media services, was fast, and looked great on the smartphone of the day.
Keep Your Ruby on Rails App Healthy

But over time, your site has begun to slow down and things have started breaking. Every so often, you get an email from someone who’s trying to use your site, but they keep seeing that infamous notice: We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

You begin to worry how many other customers are seeing this, and silently leaving your site for the next link in Google.

Your development team are busy working on other projects, and now you’re worried that you’re losing valuable customers through broken pages, errors, and bugs that seem to occur with increasing frequency.

You know something needs to be done—you can’t leave your site to deteriorate—and so, eventually, and with a heavy heart, you decide the only thing for it is to go for a rebuild. And once more you start the process of looking for a new developer…

What nobody told you is that building successful applications is never a one-time job.

Apps don’t exist in isolation

Modern software applications—including websites—rely on dozens of external dependencies, all of which are regularly updated and patched as time goes on, new security vulnerabilities are found, and new bugs discovered.

Rather than rebuilding your site, and ending up in the same situation 6 months from now, you are far better off investing to bring your existing app up to scratch, and improve upon things in a little-and-often approach.

Seeing your Rails app as a long-term investment, rather than a delivered-and-done project, means you can more quickly act on new business trends, test your propositions, and adapt to your business’ needs. All the while knowing that when those services your app depends on—Facebook, Google, Mailchimp, SendGrid, Heroku…—your app is ready and can quickly be updated to remain compatible and relevant.

Learn how to keep your Rails App in top condition

In Keep Your Ruby on Rails App Healthy, you’ll learn the tools and techniques for keeping your Ruby on Rails app running smoothly. From how to monitor your site (and what to do if things go wrong) to reviewing your site’s performance, and checking your app’s code for security vulnerabilities and best-practices.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Ensure your app’s public-facing content is working for you and your business.
  • Monitor your app for bugs and performance issues.
  • Check your app’s code for ”code smells“ and potential issues.
  • Secure your app and its dependencies.
  • Adopt best-practice coding standards so your app is easy to maintain.
  • Set up tools to audit your code with every change or commit to your repository.
  • Schedule automated checks to regularly audit your app’s codebase.

What People Are Saying

”I really enjoyed the book. A lot of quick wins for me to implement and makes me realise I can do more with guard.“
– Ben (@r0_0tKat)
”I’ve been writing Rails apps for 10 years and learned enough in the first chapter to justify a higher price…“
– Jonathan (@jot)

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