Keep Your Ruby on Rails App Healthy

Keep Your Ruby on Rails App Healthy

Learn how to get your Ruby on Rails apps running in top condition.

Keep your code fresh, up-to-date and free from slow pages, error reports and security vulnerabilities.

”A lot of quick wins, and makes me realise I can do more with Guard.“
– Ben (@r0_0tKat)

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The world of Ruby on Rails moves fast, so after launch, it can feel like no time at all before your web app starts to feel left behind.

Remember when your app launched? It used the latest gems, employed best practices, sat on a pristine server, and was backed by a thorough test suite.

But as time goes on, your app and the environment in which it runs are subject to constant change:

  • New and updated gems;
  • increasing traffic and people using your site;
  • new features being added;
  • a constant stream of security patches;
  • changing third-party APIs;
  • growing demands on your server’s resources;

These are just some of the things that work tirelessly against your app.

What if there was a way to keep your app as fresh as the day it launched? What if you could put systems and processes in place to stay on top of all the updates, and warn you before things went wrong?

After building and managing a wide range of Ruby on Rails apps for customers, from simple company websites to enterprise content management systems and mobile-app backend services, I set out to document the tools and processes I found myself using every day.

As time has gone on, I’ve refined these processes into a system for keeping on top of the constant change that keeps Ruby on Rails as one of the top web application development frameworks in the world.

The result is Keep Your Ruby on Rails App Healthy. In this course, you’ll discover the tools and techniques you can use total to keep your Ruby on Rails app running in top condition, and how to design your app and its infrastructure for health from day one.

Learn How to Keep Your Rails App in Top Condition

Keep Your Ruby on Rails App Healthy is a practical course delivering a range of actionable lessons to enhance and protect your app right away. From quick optimisations you can apply to your site right away, through automatically provisioning servers and setting up thorough monitoring, to constantly checking your codebase for security vulnerabilities and against current best practices.

In the course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Ensure your app’s public-facing content is working for you and your business.
  • Monitor your app for bugs and performance issues.
  • Check your app’s code for ”code smells“ and potential issues.
  • Secure your app and its dependencies.
  • Adopt best-practice coding standards so your app is easy to maintain.
  • Set up tools to audit your code with every change or commit to your repository.
  • Schedule automated checks to regularly audit your app’s codebase.

What People Are Saying

”I really enjoyed the book. A lot of quick wins for me to implement and makes me realise I can do more with guard.“
– Ben (@r0_0tKat)
”I’ve been writing Rails apps for 10 years and learned enough in the first chapter to justify a higher price…“
– Jonathan (@jot)