Connect FreeAgent with Your Apps and Services

Custom integrations to connect your FreeAgent account with the apps and services you use every day in your business.

Connect FreeAgent with Your Apps and Services

FreeAgent is brilliant, but sometimes you need it to work with more of the apps you use in your business. We build custom integrations—small tools and apps—that connect your FreeAgent account with the other services you use in your business. A custom integration can save you time, reduce duplicate data-entry, and let you analyse your business performance.

What is a custom integration?

If your business uses a CRM that doesn’t integrate with FreeAgent, wouldn’t it be great if you could synchronise contact and invoicing data seamlessly?

What about automatically creating an invoice—and marking it as paid—when someone buys something from your website?

You could even connect FreeAgent with your company dashboard to expose detailed and in-depth metrics about your business.

A custom integration saves you time and avoids mistakes caused by duplicating data input.

Providing the app you want to connect exposes an API, we can build a small “middleware” app to connect it with your FreeAgent account.

Is this service for me?

If you use FreeAgent, and wish it could integrate better with your other services, or perhaps you need a small tool to make entering (for example) bulk-expenses easier, then this service is for you.

Note: At the moment we can only offer this service to FreeAgent users who are based in the UK.

We’ll let you know during our free, initial chat if we think the service is suitable for you, or if there are better alternatives.

How does it work?

We’ll schedule a free, no-obligation call to chat about your integration or tool’s requirements, so we can understand what you’re looking to achieve and suggest the right option for you.

Next, we’ll start building your custom tool or integration, keeping you updated with progress and allowing you to test things as they are completed.

Once you’re happy to launch, we’ll manage any hosting and updates of your tool to ensure things keep working smoothly for as long as you stay on your monthly plan.

How long does it take to build?

Depending on the complexity of your integration, the development could take from a few days up to a few weeks. Anything more than that will probably be outside the scope of this service.

We’ll be able to give you some guideline timescales once we’ve had a chat about your project.

Who hosts my custom integration / tool?

We handle the hosting, updates and maintenance of your integration as part of your monthly plan. Want to host it yourself? We can help you do this as well.

Who owns the integration / tool we build?

The code we develop is licensed for your (or your organisation’s) internal use. We retain ownership so we can quickly improve the services we offer you, and keep your custom integrations up to date.

How much does it cost?

Custom integrations are priced as an one-off development fee with an ongoing monthly fee. This monthly fee includes the hosting, maintenance, upgrades and support for your custom integration.


then £99* per month.
for support, maintenance, hosting and updates.

Examples of tools include:

  • One-way sync of your FreeAgent data to a third-party application or service with a suitable API.
  • A web-based form to capture information and post it to your FreeAgent account (no attachments)

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*Prices shown on this website exclude VAT at 20% for all UK and EU customers and all billing is in GBP.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes. All our work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not entirely happy with the results of our work, and after letting us know we’re unable to put things right, then we’ll refund the one-time development fee (plus the current month’s fee).

Can I cancel?

Yes. You can cancel at anytime by getting in touch. Please note that, we don’t offer pro-rata refunds.

Who provides this service?

This service is provided by Plymouth Software, a development consultancy with specialist knowledge of developing APIs and Rails applications to working with multiple third-party systems.

Are you affiliated with FreeAgent?

No, we have no affiliation with FreeAgent. We just love their service and want to make tools that can help their users to get more out of that service and integrate with their own apps and services.

My question isn’t answered here :(

If you have more questions, we’d love to answer them. Drop us an email with your questions.